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QUESTION: Asked By: reseller permit ID 8/24/2017 6:53 PM

planning to have a 90-day used merchandise store in century city, los angeles. I got already the BOE's seller permit under our corporation's name, what is next?

our corporation is in existence for many years already, we have an EIN so how do I get the business licence - for 90 days for this used merchandise store in los angeles how do I print and read our exchanges?

when you say you can file the business license for our corporation, does it mean that it is mandatory to do a DBA first then apply for the business license? we cannot get a business license for our existing corporation unless we do it under DBA?

Our seller's permit is already under our corporation's name though which I just filed yesterday what is the difference between the legal name of the company in California vs. the trade name?

therefore, we are a corporation and we do not need a dba then
Resale License vs. Seller's permit,.

reseller permit ID,   in
Hi reseller permit ID: Here is what you need for starting your
  business .

I am a printing broker and would like to set up a vendor booth in Utah. Selling anything that can be printed on for advertising and promotional needs.What do I need to be able to provide Printing and imaging services and solutions/I live in AZ and will be in UT for a weekend convention.

What do I need to do just for those days to be able to set up a booth on the street corner?

Hello. I represent Global Printing, and we are interested in doing business with Penn State, but they say we have to be on the vendor's list.

I moved to COVINGTON ga last year and have a screen printing business I do have taxID and a business license and register with the secretary of state Hello, I already have a DBA and an EIN.

I sell graphic design services I already obtained an EIN, and I have a DBA also. I do websites, printing, copying, scanning, media transfer...
what kind of license do i need to be a handymanSorry to disturb you, I would like to open a food truck with my wife and I can't find any informations about it on the web.

I wanted to know what documents do we need to provide and to who ? Thanks by advance I want to open a Nutrition store in New York what kind of licenses and certificate do i need?

Multivitamin Aminos Supplements No it will be called Corona Nutrition looking to buy wholesale items and resale. what kind of license do I need.

Selling Nationwide, online store, impulse merchandise. anything from kitchen supplies, to toys, to home furnishing, to bar ware etc

I am a reseller Selling on Amazon and eBay. I mostly do retail arbitrage but looking to buy bulk/whole but they require a license ?

Answer: According to What GA sales tax law, you will need a seller's permit AKA sales tax ID to sell Merchandise for your Online Selling..

To buy Merchandise and accessories wholesale, you need a sales tax id also called a seller's permit.

The way that works is after you get the seller's permit, you use the resale certificate that comes with the permit to fax or email a sign copy to the wholesaler and then you can buy wholesale.

Then, you need the permit number so you can remit sales tax you collect from your sales on amazon and ebay. You also need additional licenses to run your online business.

So you need at least a dba, LLC or corporation, the seller's permit for that and as a business, a business license and an EIN.

If you hire people to help you, you need to open an employer withholding account and that requires a state employer ID as well as a federal tax ID to pay withholding taxes for your employees.

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this business is basically a huge yard sale selling resale merchandise set up is on a empty lot tables and tents will be set daily Thursday -Sunday 8:00am-5:00pm @ 300 20th street ensley Birmingham Alabama 35218
35218 Merchandise
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Apply For Sellers Permit For Temporary Event Merchandise