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I will be buying wholesale and selling brand names on Amazon , running business from my home , Clermont ,FL.

Locking get licenses for selling light up toys at EagleBank arena sellers permit sell light up wands for Disney on ive we have a tree service and this spring we are selling mulch. we need to charge sales tax.

I need to know what I need to do. we are already a S corp I just need the retail piece. Before we just sold services. yes, If I am a soon to be seller living in Alabama, but aren't necessarily selling products only in Alabama, and dont have an actual warehouse within the state , am I still reunited to obtain a sellers permit.
Sellers Permit or Resale License

If you want to buy any taxable merchandise such as jewelry or clothing at wholesale prices to make jewelry to re-sell, or to buy clothing and accessories to resell them, then you need state sellers permit or sales tax license also called a resale license.
States Require A Sellers Permit
This is because most states require jewelry vendors to collect tax on sales made within that state as opposed to out of state. For example, you are in California and you sell a piece of jewelry, e.g., a gold ring, to a New Yorker. Since your business is located in CA, you do not need to charge taxes.
Selling in-state requires that you charge sales tax
On the other hand, if you sell in California you need to charge sales tax on every retail sale that’s shipped to any address within California. So if you are selling your jewelry, get your sellers permit also called a resale license. There is no other way to buy wholesale and re-sell retail. The implication is that even if you sell just wholesale, you still need to get the resale license.

This is because in the end... the end user has to pay sales tax. Hence the requirement to get a sellers permit as a wholesaler so the state can monitor sales between wholesalers and retailers ( taxable item sales that is ).

Anytime you run into a state inspection, the state it will you to show proof that tax-exempt sales are indeed sold to vendors with a valid Seller’s Permit. Unless you had a valid resale license at the time of the sale, you will have to pay the taxes or penalties of the sales without a resale license.

Things are that harsh. For example, the name Reselleronineorama must be registered with a dba fictitious business name.

For instance, you are located in Texas, and you try to buy wholesale from Pennsylvania, despite that you will not sell in PA, you will need a resale certificate to produce to the wholesaler to make sure your can re-sell the items purchased wholesale.

I would make the food in my home and take it to the winery. I would have no employees. I would do about 12 events/year for about 40-50 people each. What does this involve and what are the costs?

yes I'm tring to write thing down rightnow HI my name is Roxanne and I have a question about starting a business making homemade dog treats.

Can you tell me what All I need to get started I am in the state of CA and I am interested in finding out information on what permits and license I need to start a towing business. im wanting to start a residential and post construction clean up business that services contractors in commercial projects please go away and if i need your help further i will let u know thank you 

Hi I am interested in starting a non emergency transportation business what are florida requirements do I need an endorsement on my drivers license as well.
I live in sacramento ca can you tell me how much it will cost for everything needed to start a soap business? Also what is the difference between llc and dbc hi I have the opportunity to lease a RV repair shop, what do I need as far as licence - 

Starting an online reseller business? That's fantastic! Let’s go over the essential licenses and registrations you'll need to get your digital storefront up and running smoothly and legally.

Business Registration

First off, you need to register your business. This involves picking a business name and deciding on a structure, such as an LLC, sole proprietorship, or corporation. Registering your business makes it official and provides the legal framework for operation.

Business License

You'll need a general business license to operate legally. This license allows you to run your online reseller business and ensures you comply with local regulations.

Seller’s Permit

A seller’s permit is essential for an online reseller. This permit allows you to collect sales tax from your customers, which you'll then remit to the appropriate authority. It’s necessary for selling tangible goods online.

Home Occupation Permit

If you’re running your online business from home, a home occupation permit might be required. This permit ensures your home-based business complies with local zoning laws and doesn’t disturb your neighborhood.

Resale Certificate

Since you’ll be purchasing items to resell, a resale certificate is crucial. This certificate exempts you from paying sales tax on items bought for resale, helping to keep your operating costs lower and your profits higher.

Sales Tax Permit

A sales tax permit allows you to collect sales tax from your customers. This permit is essential to ensure you comply with tax regulations and remit the collected sales tax to the appropriate authority.

Trademark Registration

To protect your brand, consider registering your business name and logo as trademarks. This prevents others from using your brand identity and helps you build a recognizable and trusted name in the online resale market.


Insurance is a wise investment for your online business. Consider getting general liability insurance to protect against potential claims related to your products or business operations. This helps shield your business from financial risks.

Shipping and Import/Export Licenses

If you plan to source products from abroad or ship internationally, you may need specific shipping and import/export licenses. These licenses ensure you comply with international trade regulations and can avoid potential legal issues. Getting these licenses and registrations in place ensures your online reseller business operates smoothly and legally. For an easy way to handle all the paperwork and legalities, check out []( They provide comprehensive assistance to get your business set up right, so you can focus on growing your online presence and making those sales!
insurance Ok, now that I've finished my search. Starting a t-shirt business under a LLC , I will need a Seller's Permit, Business permit, Fed iD and that's it correct. 

Oh, no employees I will be opening up this business around sep, and you literally explained everything i needed to know. I will definitely will, but in couple of month Whatever license, LLC, DBA, tax id or busienss registration you need, you can obtain it here...

Business License

  • A business license is required to legally operate your online reseller business in most jurisdictions.
  • This license ensures that your business follows local regulations and contributes to the local economy through taxes.
  • Example: A general business license is necessary to establish your online reseller business as a legal entity.
  • Seller's Permit or Resale Certificate

  • If you plan to purchase items for resale from wholesalers or manufacturers, you'll need a seller's permit or resale certificate.
  • This allows you to buy goods without paying sales tax, as the tax will be collected from your customers when they make a purchase.
  • Example: Obtaining a seller's permit enables you to purchase products at wholesale prices without paying sales tax, which you'll later collect from your customers.
  • Sales Tax License

  • If you sell products to customers in states where you have a sales tax nexus, you must collect and remit sales tax to the appropriate authorities.
  • A sales tax license is required to collect and remit these taxes legally.
  • Example: If you have a significant presence (nexus) in a state, such as a warehouse or a large customer base, you'll need to obtain a sales tax license for that state to collect and remit sales tax.
  • Home Occupation Permit

  • If you're running your online reseller business from your home, you may need a home occupation permit.
  • This permit ensures that your business activities comply with zoning regulations and don't disrupt your neighborhood.
  • Example: Running a reseller business from your garage may require a home occupation permit to ensure you're not violating any local zoning laws or disturbing your neighbors.
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)

  • An EIN is a unique number assigned to your business for tax purposes, similar to a Social Security number for individuals.
  • You may need an EIN to open a business bank account, hire employees, or file business tax returns.
  • Example: If you plan to hire employees for your online reseller business, you'll need an EIN to report their employment taxes.

  • Reselling Goods
  • Reseller
    Reselling electronics toys and makeup on amazon I'm selling phone cases and would like to sell on the streets of Las Vegas.. Okay, so I make crafts at home and will sell them at different shows which I will buy a booth/table.

    Business Licenses and Requirements for Reselling on Amazon (Sole Proprietor, Home-Based) Running your Amazon reselling business as a home-based sole proprietor requires considering legal aspects. Here's a breakdown of potential licenses, registrations, and business structures:

    Business Registration (Possible)

    • General Business License (Possible): Some states or municipalities might require a general business license even for home-based businesses. This establishes your business and allows you to collect sales tax (if applicable). Reasoning: A general business license ensures you comply with basic business regulations and potential tax collection requirements for your Amazon sales.

    Tax Requirements

    • Seller's Permit: In most locations with sales tax, you'll need a seller's permit to collect sales tax on your Amazon sales. Reasoning: A seller's permit ensures you collect and remit the appropriate sales tax to the state on your taxable sales.
    • Business Tax Registration: Depending on your income level, you might need to register for additional business taxes as a sole proprietor. Reasoning: Business tax registration ensures you comply with your tax obligations and avoid penalties for your Amazon reselling business.
    Q: Resellers Permit In Southern Grace Designs Reseller?
    What all do I need in order to make this legal in Las Vegas, NV. I am the only one making products. Good morning my name is cynthia and I was wondering or should I say I would like to open a flower shop her in Las Vegas nv in the area of n.las Vegas and I want to now how or what do I need to get startedHi! I have a product. Sangria Cultura.
    A: The reseller's permit is called a seller's e permit and you can get it here online.  "Southern Grace Designs," is a trade name and you need to register it with a business name certificate assumed business name. 

    Business Licenses and Registrations

    As a sole proprietor operating a home-based business, you may need to obtain certain licenses and registrations to legally run your business. These requirements can vary depending on your location and the nature of your business. Some common licenses and registrations include:
  • General Business License: Many cities and counties require businesses to obtain a general business license to operate legally.
  • Home Occupation Permit: If you are running your business from your home, you may need to obtain a home occupation permit to ensure that your business activities comply with local zoning laws.
  • Sales Tax Permit: If you are selling products, you may need to obtain a sales tax permit to collect and remit sales tax to the appropriate authorities.
  • Business Structure

    As a sole proprietor, you are not required to register your business name or form a separate legal entity, such as an LLC or S corporation. However, there are some advantages to forming a separate legal entity:
  • Limited Liability: Forming an LLC or S corporation can provide personal liability protection, separating your personal assets from your business assets.
  • Tax Benefits: Depending on your business structure, you may be able to take advantage of certain tax benefits, such as pass-through taxation or the ability to deduct certain business expenses.
  • Credibility: Having a registered business name and a separate legal entity can lend credibility to your business and make it easier to establish business relationships with suppliers and customers.
  • Special Permits

    Depending on the products you are selling and the regulations in your area, you may need to obtain special permits to operate your business. For example:
  • Resale Certificate: If you are purchasing products from wholesalers or manufacturers for resale, you may need to obtain a resale certificate to avoid paying sales tax on those purchases.
  • Product-Specific Permits: Certain products, such as food items or electronics, may require special permits or certifications to sell legally.
  • Amazon Seller Permit: To sell products on Amazon, you may need to obtain a seller permit and comply with Amazon's seller policies and guidelines.

  • I can't use for now other companies to wholesale. Is to expensive for startwould like to sell prepackage food, clothes, electronic misellous items would i need a food permit to sell prepacked food that is what i am on but it say what type of business and i am selling a little of everything i am going to purchasing items and reselling on ebay and amazon.

    Reseller Businesses need at least a sellers permit. This is because all sales of any type of merchandise is taxable. For example, Prince Williams and Princess Kate have a baby girl and start their new life as parents. However, Snowden, from Russia, reveals some British Royal Family secrets, the UK crumbles and Prince Williams loses everything. To support Kate and the baby girl, he starts a business on eBay selling royal antique stuff from whatever he has in the new ghetto house he lives in London with Kate. Well, if he started an ebay Reseller business in the USA, he would have to become a sole owner, partnership, corporation or LLC by filing a pertinent certificate. Then William will have to get a general business license, and also register the business name with a dba business name certificate also called an assumed business name ( "We Used To Be Kings eBay Sales," ) if that name is not registered as an LLC or corporation. If Princess Kate becomes a Reseller partner, they will have to get a federal tax ID and file a dba, form an LLc or incorporate. After setting up with all of the above licenses and tax ID, William can start selling Royal paraphernalia on eBay.

    I live in Las Vegas, NV. What I want is the license for wholesale and distribute from Las Vegas to Puerto Rico. The only thing I have right now is the registration of my name in Vegas and in New Hampshire! I need to know step by step all the requirements for wholesale and distribution. i live in kansas. what permits and licenses do i need I like painting for enjoyment , and i sign My paintings withe a name , do I have to register that name. total , I do not make any money , i do it for a hobby.

    Additional Considerations

    • Resale Permit (Optional): If you purchase items in bulk to resell on Amazon, a resale permit allows you to buy these products wholesale without paying sales tax upfront. You'll then collect sales tax from your customers. Reasoning: A resale permit saves you money on initial purchases and ensures you collect the correct amount of sales tax (if applicable).
    • Business Name Registration (Optional): While not mandatory for sole proprietorships, registering your business name protects your right to use it commercially and can help establish brand identity. Reasoning: Business name registration prevents others from using your chosen name and provides some legal protection for your brand, even as a sole proprietor.
    • Home-Based Business Permit (Possible): Some locations might require a permit for operating a home-based business. This ensures your workspace meets safety standards for storing and packaging products. Reasoning: A home-based business permit ensures you comply with zoning regulations and basic safety guidelines for operating your Amazon reselling business out of your home.
    Business Structure (Optional):
    • LLC or S Corporation (Consider): While you operate as a sole proprietor now, forming an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or S corporation can offer personal liability protection in the future. This separates your finances from the business and may provide tax benefits. Reasoning: An LLC or S corporation structure can protect your personal assets from liabilities related to your Amazon business, especially if your business grows significantly. Consider consulting with a business advisor for guidance on choosing a business structure.
    Remember: Regulations can vary significantly by location. It's crucial to conduct thorough research to confirm the exact licenses, permits, and tax requirements for your specific location and reselling business on Amazon.
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