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Hi. I have a sole prop but I need a resale number in order to be able to sell products. What exactly do I need. I'm in Nevada I'm renting a room and I'm separate from the other business can we both sell in the same property.

Can 2 different businesses in the same property sell there products Just wondering what would be nice name for a skin care product Hello. I'm trying to obtain a seller's permit for Florida.

Do you know if this can be done on line? Skin Care and Spa products There may be multiple brand names, but mostly Pevonia products I have an esthetics license and salon license already.

I am a esthetician and I have online store. I buy skin care products and sell to customers and online. Hello I am needing to see how much it would cost to obtain a cosmetics Georgia business License for Fulton County Atlanta I will be selling cosmetics products skin care and make up I will order private label and and sell online.

I want to sell items like soap, fragrance oils, incense, etc. yes i do! i want to sell home made body butters, hair creams and sugar scrubs i make homemade soaps and cosmetics also i will buy and resell some bath accessories, i wanted to register as a LLC but i am not planning on hiring employees so what do i need?

how do i find out about required permits and cost for a pop-up store in Venice CA? pop up store (no structure) in front of our existing location MARKETING ACTIVITIES STOREFRONT DO WE NEED permits for: truck loading/unloading?

Wyoming LLC, I wholesale cosmetics US/Canada to retailers from a supplier out of CA via digital marketing and also retail nationwide via social marketing, warehoused in AZ SIGNAGE General excise tax license. 

How to obtain one I need to get info and forms are where to submit for a med Spa working under Dr supervision - procedures for micro pigmentation need a medical Spa license for permit cosmetics procedures .. 
Cosmetics health and beauty online and home sell Nationwide eBay personal site. Flea markets social media.
I need both licenses then? business and seller's permit? I'm planning to sell variety products, such as cosmetics, accessories, etc.different products, such as Maybeline, Lorea'l, Este Lauder, etc,

Cosmetics retailer shampoos that enable end-user to anneal split ends thereby making hair healthier - softer, fuller, and more manageable - reducing accumulated hair on drain and the number of washings per week

  How much is a business license in garden grove Mine is different please help me with them way- my mom is a cosmetics seller in Ghana. And makeup artist too Mine is different please help me with them way- my mom is a cosmetics seller in Ghana.

And makeup artist too I asked if I could buy wholesale from la girl and they asked me to provide sellers permit. I want to buy from many manufacturers directly, from la girl, beauty 21, and other manufacturers and ship To my mom, I can't sell over here So sellers permit is the appropriate one for me..

Do you need this license to sell from your home or online? (clothing, accessories, beauty products,candles

Answer: Hi John, you do need a seller's permit in Louisville Jefferson County Metro Government, because you sell Cosmetics , you will need the seller's permit to buy the items wholesale. You also need the sales number(seller's permit) to sell them because you need to collect sales tax at least for the instate sales. Other than that, you will need to register the trade name "B & Shayycosmeticss," with a DBA, LLC or corporation.

If you hire anyone, as for example, to sell the Cosmetics , you will also need a state EIN in addition to the federal EIN. The estimated cost of licensing is $199 if you purchase all you need.
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Online selling through social media platforms ex. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. 42Shea the skin care company sells vegan friendly lotions and soaps and much more gentle healing skin products

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