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Get Sellers Permit Sanford Nc Clothing Home Busine

BestXYZ Co. Business permits and Tax ID number Requirements Van John Doesen 8/16/2013 10:09 AM

Sellers Permit or Resale License

If you want to buy any taxable merchandise such as jewelry or clothing at wholesale prices to make jewelry to re-sell, or to buy clothing and accessories to resell them, then you need state sellers permit or sales tax license also called a resale license.

States Require A Sellers Permit

This is because most states require jewelry vendors to collect tax on sales made within that state as opposed to out of state.  For example, you are in California and you sell a piece of jewelry, e.g., a gold ring, to a New Yorker.  Since your business is located in CA, you do not need to charge taxes.  

Selling in-state requires that you charge sales tax

On the other hand, if you sell in California you need to charge sales tax on every retail sale that’s shipped to any address within California.
So if you are selling your jewelry,  get your sellers permit also called a resale license.
There is no other way to buy wholesale and re-sell retail.  The implication is that even if you sell just wholesale, you still need to get the resale license.
This is because in the end... the end user has to pay sales tax.  Hence the requirement to get a sellers permit as a wholesaler so the state can monitor sales between wholesalers and retailers ( taxable item sales that is ).  

Anytime you run into a state inspection, the state it will you to show proof that tax-exempt sales are indeed sold to vendors with a valid Seller’s Permit. Unless you had a valid resale license at the time of the sale, you will have to pay the taxes or penalties of the sales without a resale license. Things are that harsh.

For instance, you are located in Texas, and you try to buy wholesale from Pennsylvania, despite that you will not sell in PA, you will need  a resale certificate to produce to the wholesaler to make sure your can re-sell the items purchased wholesale.  

NC Seller's Permit Information:

North Caroline Seller's Permit

Businesses engaged in retail sales or leasing of personal property in North Carolina are required to register to obtain a seller' permit and collect and remit the tax due on all taxable tangible personal property, taxable services or certain digital property sold or delivered for storage, use, or consumption in North Carolina. 

In NC, retail sales of tangible personal property not subject to a reduced rate of tax are subject to the 4.75% general State rate of sales . The lease or rental of tangible personal property is subject to the applicable % rate and the maximum tax, if any that applies to a sale of the property that is leased or rented. Items subject to the general rate are also subject to the 2% (2.25% in Alexander, Buncombe, Cabarrus, Catawba, Cumberland, Duplin, Durham, Edgecombe, Greene, Halifax, Haywood, Hertford, Lee, Martin, Montgomery, New Hanover, Onslow, Orange, Pitt, Randolph, Robeson, Rowan, Sampson, Surry, and Wilkes Counties) local sales and use tax rate. Mecklenburg County has an additional 0.50% Transit County tax for public transportation in addition to the 2% local sales and use tax rate. Durham and Orange Counties have an additional 0.50% Transit County tax for public transportation in addition to the 2.25% local sales and use tax rate.

PlaceOld RateNew Rate

Durham County7.000%7.500%

Edgecombe County6.750%7.000%

Greene County6.750%7.000%

Orange County7.000%7.500%




Cedar Grove7.000%7.500%

Chapel Hill7.000%7.500%




















Kannapolis, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Kernersville, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Kings Mountain, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Kinston, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Knightdale, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Laurinburg, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Leland, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Lenoir, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Lewisville, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Lexington, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Lincolnton, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Lumberton, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Masonboro, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Matthews, NC Sales Tax Rate7.250%

Mebane, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Mint Hill, NC Sales Tax Rate7.250%

Monroe, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Mooresville, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Morehead City, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Morganton, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Morrisville, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Mount Airy, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Mount Holly, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Murraysville, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Myrtle Grove, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

New Bern, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Newton, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Pinehurst, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Piney Green, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Raleigh, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Reidsville, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Roanoke Rapids, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Rockingham, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Rocky Mount, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Roxboro, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Saint Stephens, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Salisbury, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Sanford, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Shelby, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Smithfield, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Southern Pines, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Spring Lake, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Stallings, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Statesville, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Summerfield, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Tarboro, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Thomasville, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Wake Forest, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Washington, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Waxhaw, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Waynesville, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Weddington, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

West Raleigh, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Wilmington, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Wilson, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Winston-Salem, NC Sales Tax Rate6.750%

Winterville, NC Sales Tax Rate7.000%

Get Sellers Permit Sanford Nc Clothing Home Busine

Lee County Sanford Online Accessories Sales Sanford, 27330 I will not hire any contractors or employees.
It is confusing... is a seller's permit license same as a sales permit?; Yes, a seller's permit license is the same as a sales permit. So is a seller's permit a tax permit?; In essense, yes, it is a tax permit. So what is a resellers license?; A seller's permit or resellers permit license is a resell permit of merchandise and it is used as a sales tax permit because you collect sales tax and you pay the state.
First, select your business structure: Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC or Corporation. Then, a seller's permit is required if you sell merchandise wholesale or retail. If you are an employer, you will need a federal employer Number and a State Employer Number. Users of a trade name will need a fictitious business name filing. Finally, you have the option or incorporating or forming an LLC.
Asked on: 4/8/2014 4:32 PM
By: Donna Gabriel
Answer by
4/8/2014 4:32 PM
Asked on: 4/8/2014 4:10 PM
By: Caylah Gilbert
Hello I wanted to go about getting a resellers permit, would I be able to get the permit on this website even though I am from St.Louis MO? And I want to have an online boutique so would you prefer if I got a resellers permit or tax ID?
Answer by
4/8/2014 4:10 PM
Yes, you can get your sellers here online at
Asked on: 4/8/2014 4:07 PM
By: tonia Shattuck
how do i get a license to sell use furniture
Answer by
4/8/2014 4:07 PM
You will need a business license, a seller's permit and a dba trade name registration.  If you will have employees, you will also need a federal ein and a state ein.   you can also form an llc and you will not have to file a dba. 
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NC NC Seller's Permit
I am a contractor bidding a job. Are both the materials and labor subject to tax? ; Contractors bidding a job, are subject to consumer sales tax of all materials used in fulfilling a construction contract for improvement to real property What is a Resale Certificate and how is it used?; If you buy wholesale to resell retail a "resale certificate". The certificate is signed and dated by the purchaser and it gives assurance that the buyer has a seller's permit and buy to resell the goods. Can sales tax be included in the price of a purchased item?; Yes, but sales tax be included in the price of a purchased item if conspicously posted. I will be attending a convention/trade-show in another state. I will be selling my product. Do I have to collect Sales Tax?; In most states, any business conducting more than two retail sales of tangible personal property during any twelve-month period must register for sales tax and obtain a seller's permit. Are beer, wine, and liquor subject to Sales Tax?; Yes, beer, wine, and liquor is subject to Sales Tax. Is a wholesale distributor of products require to register and get a seller's permit?; Wholesalers distributors of products are required to register and get a seller's permit. Why do I need a seller's permit?.



States impose sales tax on purchases of taxable items. They issue a seller's permit number for seller's to collect these tax and pay the state.

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