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Registering my New York City Set Up LLC IN BROOKLYN NY new small business. Where to get Brooklyn
I am an entrepreneur that wants open multiple online shops that buys NEW items from authorized whole sellers and resell them on Amazon. I will not physically touch/ store or ship the products myself. I will have my suppliers ship directly to Amazon warehouses where items will be fulfilled by Amazon. I would like to be a general store that can sell toys, video games, general Home and garden, health and beauty ect.
Internet Business
Tuesday, August 7, 2018
Start your own business Set Up LLC IN BROOKLYN NY Internet Business Retail Store NY Permits LLC and Tax IDs Required to Start Your Small Business :
May Hire employees Retail Store in Brooklyn,   New York City, NY Opening a business in Brooklyn?

Retail Store
Do I have to have a stainless steel kitchen and equipment in order to have an in home business Want to be a.flooring subcontractor in florida Hello looking to get a seller permit for an online boutique store I will be buying wholesale and reselling clothes and accessories. If I am the sole proprietor what should the process be for the state of FL.

Here's How to Get Your Seller's Permit and Other permits and Registrations You May Need. Seller's Permit, LLC, DBA, Licenses & Tax IDs Requirements:

First decide on a business structure Retail Store as a Sole Proprietor, LLC/Corp, or Partnership.

Note that each structure requires a filing. E.g., selecting an LLC, requires at least an LLC certificate, an LLC operating agreement, a business license and a federal tax ID number.

All Retail Store Businesses need a , Business tax registration also called an occupation business License

Selling/Leasing or if wanting to buy or sell Retail Store merchandise, food, equipment requires a Seller's Permit.

All Retail Store Businesses Using a DBA doing business as name need a DBA Fictitious Business Name

Hiring Retail Store Workers Requires a Federal EIN and a State Tax Number EIN

Retail Store
Retail businesses need at least a resale permit or wholesale license AKA seller permit.
You also need a business tax registration license and a an assumed business name if you have a retail business name.

More than 31% of the GNP, though, less than $5,000,000.00 is generated through retail sales business. Though less than 2 million retail businesses, there is about 1.6 ml retail stores not including online retail.

Note that if you hire retail employees, you will need an IRS EIN and a State EIN as well.
Even one person retail business can set up a corporation or LLC.used tools and electronics and some clothes I want to know can I do a cake business from my home and still get a business license so if i buy good from other companies such as say global sugar arts and other places like Sam's club which one would I need i want to renew if that available online or have go to county? could you send me a link to renew the business license,that i will do later.

I will be opening a thrift/consignment store I want to sell my merchandise on the street. What do i need? anti aging and cosmetics I am wanting to start an in home business for cake decorating.

I just came from having one in Florida and want to start the in home business here What do I need to do to get that. I don't have stainless steel tables I just want to continue my business from fl to here.

do i need a seller permit to sell custom clothing from my home? I looking to start a basket ball league kids and adults .

My issue is if i don't intend to make a profit i still need to have a llc i won't be selling anything just organizing games Thank you yes I am trying to get license required to buy wholesale in clothing and shoes from california and any were they sale whole sale so I can resale here in Washington and online I want to sale clothes and shoes and maybe key chains.

do I need to file in llc even though I selling from my home and I am opening my website through shopify to sale online as well Online reselling nationwide,, Etsy. Purchase from wholesalers and resell items online.

A retail company that sells a variety of items I need some information on what license I need to start an Etsy shop online in Alaska. I sell handmade goods on Etsy and would also like to attend craft fairs and markets.

I am a seller on Etsy and am trying to find info about getting a sellers permit, as I need to add sales tax to my items for purchase. Hi, I'd like to open an etsy shop to sell vintage goods. What do i need to do to stay legal in pennsylvania?This will be a home business in which I will be selling Candles and Soap made at home.

Will also be selling novelty Items purchased from wholesalers.Retail drop shipping from Alibaba Trade name is mandatory or without a product, is it safe to just get the selling permit I purchased an license online how long does it take to receive by mail Hello I would like a permit to sell hair and custom made wigs.


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  Online business operated from home need to obtain a home occupation business permit and a fictitious business name if a DBA fictitious name is used to conduct businesss.     If you sell anything hazardous such as chemicals you will need a special location for the merchandise. may sell medical equipment , or health supplements online. Sometimes the county will ask for an inspection if you manufacture or store anything hazardous.   If you store a small amount of merchandise in your apartment it should be ok.   Make sure you do not have too many deliveries by truck to your home if this is a home business.  
I am an at home based business. Do at home businesses need tax IDs and or occupational licenses? Do internet businesses operated from home need to obtain permits and tax IDs? . Physical location business. What if my business is not located in the city limits?   may sell medical equipment , or health supplements online. There will be no hazardous merchandise in my home stored or made.   I will not store any merchandise in my home or apartment.   There will be no deliveries of merchandise to my home address.  
Home businesses need a business license as well as other tax registrations.Online businesses operated from home need a business permit and all other licensing as any other business.
I am starting to sale retail online through Amazon from my home. I am located in South Carolina. My goal is to resale women's clothing and accessories.

A: Certainly, Starting A Business Selling Through Amazon is not an easy task, especially if you sell clothing and stuff online thru Amazon. However, the majority, about 80% succeed selling at amazon because let's face it amazon is a great platform to sell on. The first thing to get a seller's permit along with a business license and an EIN. The fictitious business name "Sheena's Boutique," must be recorded with a DBA, LLC or corporation as well.
Q:How To Get A Resale Permit For An Online Store? I am a reseller who has an online retail store. I buy wholesale products and sell them on my website . Knitwits 37 Boutique. Wanted to Get Sellers Permit For Online Business Retail. Starting to sell online merchandise and was wondering whether online businesses need to get a seller's permit?
I will be selling as a vendor until i ca...
Retail Types of Businesses Online Retailer Online Retailer

You can start your own website or sell on Amazon to Shopify and BigCommerce. Handmade Business

You can sell your handmade items. You can start your own website or sell on Etsy or sell atlocal events. Collectibles

Collectiblelike coins and sports memorabilia. You can start your own website or sell on eBay. Mobile Retail Boutique

You can start your own business from a van, a website or you can set up at fairs or events. Online Used Bookstore

You can start your own business from a website . Online Record Shop

You can start your own business from a website. Online or Thrift Store

You can start your own business from a website but you also need a physical location to sell and accept donations. Consignment Shop

You can start your own business from a website . Antique Seller

You can start your own business from a website . Antique Mall

You can start your own business from a website or a store where you ca...
Set Up LLC IN BROOKLYN NY New York City Brooklyn Retail Store Brooklyn, 11213 0 What type of permit is a sellers permit? ; It is a permit for sales of taxable items and it is called a sellers permit.. So is a seller's permit a tax permit?; In essense, yes, it is a tax permit. So what is a resellers license?; A seller's permit or resellers permit license is a resell permit of merchandise and it is used as a sales tax permit because you collect sales tax and you pay the state. 
Asked on: 3/29/2019 2:46 PM
By: Julie Russell
Hi, I just put in the application to get my licenses and I need to change the information on my DBA which is the name of the company to Lux Boutique.  
Answer by
3/29/2019 2:46 PM
Ok, we can change your business name. Just give us a call.
Asked on: 3/29/2019 2:45 PM
By: alicea hood
Hi there . I have the EPA card. I own a HVAC company in Illinois , I am a HVAC license contractor in Chicago and other suburbs. I would like to extend my Hvac business in Georgia. What do I need to be a register contractor in Georgia? trying to look get tax number of a business in austin tx on burnett rd nail salon I am looking to find the business license I need for a tax preparation service in Conroe Texas
Answer by
3/29/2019 2:45 PM
For an HVAC company, you will need a seller's permit, an LLC, an EIN and a business license.
Asked on: 3/28/2019 5:22 PM
By: sheetal goswami
I already have a business license and 2 bank accounts. all I need from you is a sellers permit and tax id. if I purchase the seller's permit don't I get the tax id for free? I already have a business license and 2 bank accounts. all I need from you is a sellers permit and tax id. if I purchase the seller's permit don't I get the tax id for free? We will need to get an EIN before we get our business license in DC. That is mandatory. I need help choosing the correct Naics code.
Answer by
3/28/2019 5:22 PM

NY NY Seller's Permit
What is sales use tax? ; A sales use tax is a tax on out of state purchases of taxable items. So for example if you live in CA and you buy a computer from Nevada online from the internet - even though you do not pay Nevada tax you will need to pay CA tax. States that have sales tax also have use tax so you pay sales tax of taxable purchases regardless of what state you buy even if that state does not charge you taxes. What is a Resale Certificate and how is it used?; packaging Can sales tax be included in the price of a purchased item?; Yes, but sales tax be included in the price of a purchased item if conspicously posted. Is the lease or rental of tangible personal property taxable? ; Yes Are beer, wine, and liquor subject to Sales Tax?; Yes, beer, wine, and liquor is subject to Sales Tax. How long does it take to obtain a Sellers Permit? ; It can take 4-8 business days to obtain a Sellers Permit. Why do I need a seller's permit?.



States impose sales tax on purchases of taxable items. They issue a seller's permit number for seller's to collect these tax and pay the state.

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