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Costume Jewelery Plated gold
Precious Metals Sales Costume Jewelery Plated gold
Jewelry Business
The Jewelry Industry

Going into a jewelry business is not a bad idea.
As of August, 3012, online spending continues to grow, Q2 nears $50B.
Mobile or m-commerce reached $4.5 billion or more.
Consumers in U.S. increased their online shopping by at least 15%.
Jewelry Business Licensing 
Whether a home jewelry business just selling online or on eBay or a store, you have heard some people say that you need to register you business name first.
Selecting Your Business Structure
However, what you need to do first, select your jewelry business structure: You can choose among Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC or Corporation.
If you do not register as an LLC or corporation, you then have to register you business name. Then, a sellers permit or also called a resale number that is required if you sell jewelry merchandise wholesale or retail.
Where You Can Get Licensing
You can obtain the above and the ones mentioned below at this site.
Having Jewelry Employees
If you are a jewelry employer, you will need a federal employer Number and a State Employer Number.
Using a Trade Name
Jewelry Users of a trade name will need a fictitious business name filing. For instance, if you call your jewelry business "The Jewelry King," or "Joes Jewelry Store," or something similar or just about any business name, you will need to register it with an assumed business name registration ( DBA business name).
Considering a Corporate Entity
Finally, you have the option or incorporating or forming an LLC.

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Precious Metals Sales
Precious Metals Sales

“Scrap Metal” means: Nonferrous metals, scrap iron, stainless steel or other material or equipment which consists in whole or in part of metal and which is used in construction, agricultural operations, electrical power generation, transmission or distribution, cable, broadband or telecommunications transmission, railroad equipment, oil well rigs or any lights maintained by the State or a local government, including, without limitation, streetlights, traffic-control devices, park lights or ballpark lights; and Catalytic converters.
Whether your Scrap Metal business is an online, home, store, concession stand or mobile cart, you will have to first select from these business or tax entities: Namely, from sole owner/proprietor, partnership, LLC or corporation.

It does not matter which Scrap Metal one you choose when it comes to a General Business License because all entities need that one. (Note that this is not a specific license to your type of business, it is a BUSINESS license) as well. Using the company name subjects you to having to file a DBA.

“Scrap Metal” does not include waste generated by a household, aluminum beverage containers, used construction scrap iron or a metal product in its original manufactured form which contains no more than 20% by weight nonferrous metal. Recycling Metals is much bigger than the retail (or consumer focused) side.

If you are starting a metal recycling and scrapping, know that it is a profitable business for many, especially in tough times. While it's a dangerous job, high metal prices can make you a lot of money because people will pay you to haul away junk which you can then break down and sell to buyers.

Find out how to start a scrap metal business to decide if it can be a wise investment of time and resources. What You Need pickup truck or utility trailer magnet grinding wheel hammers cutters personal protective equipment first aid kit maps or GPS unit screwdrivers buckets Of course you need to understand how scrap metal pricing works.

First, nonferrous metals are more scarce and more valuable than ferrous metals because pricing can fluctuate and though pricing is important, you need to choose a vehicle for scrap collection such as a pickup truck, and you may wish to consider a 3/4 ton or larger pickup and an 18' utility trailer with a winch.

Of course, don't forget, this is metal, and it can cut your fingers so wear protective equipment, and understand how to use it, as well as how to safely operate tools. Safety glasses, gloves, safety shoes, reflective vests and first aid kits are basic elements of safe collecting. In addition, because metal can generate loud sound, make sure you are wearing protection and a welding mask may also be required. Stay alert to moving traffic and equipment. You will need tools for the scrap collection trade, such as a magnet, which helps identify ferrous metal and a grinding wheel, which can help identify the metal type by what kind of spark it produces.

Additional equipment could include various hammers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, pocket knives, drills, pliers and pry bars. SCRAP METAL LAW: Code Citation: Scrap Metal Processors Revised Statutes Chapter 647 § 647.010 to § 647.145 (as amended by 2013 Nevada SB 235) Destruction of Property to Obtain Scrap Metal Revised Statutes Chapter 202 § 202.582 (as amended by 2013 Nevada SB 37) Materials Covered and Other Definitions “Junk” includes old iron, copper, brass, lead, zinc, tin, steel and other metals, metallic cables, wires, ropes, cordage, bottles, bagging, rags, rubber, paper, and all other secondhand, used or castoff articles or material of any kind, but does not include Scrap Metal.

There is a tremendous amount of industrial recycling as well. Metals have managed to find their way into a variety of products that can be found on construction sites across the globe. For example, recent technological advances have made it possible for plastic bags to be turned into plastic lumber. Think about how beneficial this can be for the environment, now that we can substitute trees for plastic bags.

This will revolutionize an entire industry, and will reduce the carbon footprint of new buildings. The Institute of Scrap Metal Recycling Industries has compiled a great list of statistics that demonstrate the potential for this young industry. In 2009, 479 million lbs. of post-consumer non-bottle rigid metals were recovered.

This is a 47% increase since 2007. In 2010, the US exported more than $940 million in plastic scraps. There is an 80–90% reduction in energy consumption when producing recycled plastic compared to producing plastic from virgin materials. In 2009, 854,377,000 lbs. of postconsumer plastic film were collected for recycling.

While this may seem like a win-win for everyone involved, the Metals recycling industry still faces some headwinds. These challenges range from the inaccurate perception that recycled materials are inferior to virgin materials to regulations that didn’t include the possibility of recycling metals.

I'd like to buy and sell scarp metal in Oklahoma junk cars all metal copper brass steel all kinds aluminum cans Can Individuals sell buy and sell scrap metal I need a scrap metal exporter license?

What I gave to do? Do I need both export & import license?

One license can be used in all states? This is Mo. can you help me with what the process to open scrap metal international trading company in NJ is I am not able to understand.

What you are trying to say My son wants to start a scrap metal business from home, how much will it cost me for a cleaning/scrap metal license Where do I go in Bradenton fl to get a scrap metal permit?

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Precious Metals and Minerals mining, sold to major refineries and jewelers Nationwide. A collection of rare stones and geological specimens to examine and sell to the world. Dealing with Gold, Silver, Platinum, palladium, diamonds, gems, and minerals including meteorites.

A: It is perhaps a good move to buy and sell precious metals such as gold, silver, titanium because as gold has increased almost 400% since 2007 and tripled in the last few years, it is recommended as an investment.

After you decide what type of metals to sell and find wholesalers to buy them to have the necessary inventory to start your business, you need to find a location to set up your business and then apply for your business license.

You will also need a state calibrated scale and the licensing as described below:
Keep in mind that because you are dealing with super expensive inventory, you will need to have a secure retail space and get good insurance in case of metals loss such as a break in or robbery.

Even though brick and mortar stores are classic, you can also sell them online or sell metals at auctions. Of course, you need to stay savvy about fluctuation of this industry because indeed, you do need to know the metals prices to stay profitable and on top of the business.

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How Can I Sell Precious Metal Billion From Home Precious metals' dealer. Selling gold and silver bullion, bars and coins. Selling online via websites nationwide and through eBay.


Hi Anthony, here is how you can sell precious metal bullion. In addition to the licensing and registrations mentioned below, you may need a state certified and officially calibrated balance to weigh the metals. So, the way to get started is here. The license costs $59. Here is what you need in Newburgh area to start your Bullion Dealer business:

First, you need to select a business legal and tax structure because the selection will determine how you are legally and fiscally treated as a business. For example, a judgment creditor cannot access your personal assets if you select and file an LLC certificate. Likewise, an LLC may end up paying less income tax than a sole proprietor.

"AAA Bullion," your fictitious assumed business name will also be registered by filing an LLC, but you can also obtain a DBA doing business as a certificate.

That said, second, you need a seller's permit to buy Bullion Dealer, inventory wholesale and sell individual pieces retail. In NY, when you buy wholesale, you save 4.0% of the purchase, and when you sell retail, you will need to charge 4.0% to collect and remit to the state government.

For instance, if you sell NY costing $100, you will have to charge $104 because the additional $4 is the 4% that is the sales tax rate in CA: namely, The New York (NY) state sales tax rate is currently 4%. Depending on local municipalities, the total tax rate can be as high as 8.875%. Other, local-level tax rates in the state of New York are quite complex compared to local-level tax rates in other states.

Finally, keep in mind that you will also need a business license and if hiring, a state and federal EIN as well.

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I will be buying wholwsale to sell retail is this Costume Jewelery Plated gold