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QUESTION: Asked By: Tanya 1/18/2021 12:00 AM
I am starting an online business. I will not keep any stock for I am using a drop ship company not based in Indiana. I do know I need an EIN and a business license or permit of some kind.

But it is hard to find any straight information on this. I live in Indiana selling items online for a profit. Will the EIN I get take the place of all other tax forms if I file the taxes with my personal taxes as additional income?

Iā€™m from North Carolina. Iā€™m trying to figure out the best route for me. With a dba does that register my business name so no one can use it? I will be renting it inflatables concessions and stuff like that.

Okay if I do the dba instead of LLC. Will my personal assets be involved?

Can I pay my workers cash and file it at the end of the year Yes I am about to start selling senescence and they said to apply for a DBA license for a business name with senescence, is this the right thing?

I'm looking to start my food truck in Chicago Illinois what all do I need I am interested in the license of a mobile food truck, are available why do you need my adjusted gross income to apply for a sellers permit in GA.

Tanya,   in
Hi Tanya: Here is what you need for starting your
  business .

Hello I am trying to start a dropshipping website what all do I need as far a licensing Hi. I am starting a dropshipping business, selling products through eBay and Amazon Ok, I'll go ahead and read those links first and let you know if I have other questions. I'm selling products...

housewares, electronics, pet supplies, beauty a little of everything, really basically i would have a website that sells others products and they drop ship it to customer i resell it at my pric Am opening up a online e commerce dropshipping store and my dropshippers or suppliers or asking for resale certificate or sellers permit.

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