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I'm starting a cut flower farm to sell to wholesalers (groceries, florists) in PA. no, I grow them at my farm Do I get a sales tax ID or a wholesalers certificate?
Hi Stacy, You do Need A California Sales Tax Permit that comes with a wholesaler's certificate also called a resale certificate.

The sales tax ID is the same as a seller's permit. You need the sales tax ID because you will be selling wholesale and you need to keep track of your sales as well when you sell retail, you need to charge sales tax. Fees: the fees are $49 for most states, and yes, you need a business license. In fact, here is what Licensing you Need in .

First you need the LLC certificate. Also, you can get your Resale License here online. Regardless of you sell clothing or other types of merchandise, licensing for you business require that you get a wholesale license AKA seller's permit and getting a business license because all businesses need these 2 filings plus more depending on your specific situation.

In your case, buying 5 items at $10 each wholesale saves you $4 because @ 8% sales tax, that is how much you save. Nevertheless, you still need to collect the 8% when selling the items.

Also, let's say you sell 10 items at $5 per item, total $50 plus $4 sales tax, you need to charge $54.

In addition, because you are using an assumed business name, also called a DBA (doing business as name) namely, "Sincerely Her Boutique," is required to be registered with a DBA doing business as certificate, an LLC or a corporation.

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The Existential Crisis of a Flower Farm Business

So, Rich, you've decided to dive into the world of flower farming, have you? A world where daisies and dollars intersect, and where roses might just come with their own set of bureaucratic thorns. But fear not! We're here to guide you through the maze of paperwork and acronyms.

LLC: Limited Liability or Lotsa Lovely Chrysanthemums?

First off, an LLC (Limited Liability Company) is like a protective bubble for your personal assets. If a disgruntled customer claims your tulips ate their cat (stranger things have happened), they can't come after your personal belongings. It's like having a fence around your garden, but for your bank account.

DBA: Doing Business As or Daisies Bloom Always?

Then there's the DBA (Doing Business As). If you want to call your venture "Rich's Ravishing Roses" instead of "Rich Little's Flower Farm", a DBA is your ticket. It's like giving yourself a fancy pseudonym, much like Mark here, who was born Samuel Clemens but you probably knew him as Twain.

Tax IDs: The Necessary Evils

  • Seller's Permit: If you're selling flowers, the state wants its cut. This permit lets you collect sales tax from customers. Think of it as a ticket to the flower-selling ball.
  • Employer IDs: Planning on hiring? Both state and federal governments want to know. It's their way of keeping tabs on your blooming business.

Final Thoughts

So, Rich, while the world of flower farming might seem filled with petals and perfumes, there's a bit of paperwork lurking beneath the soil. But with the right tools (and maybe a good accountant), you'll be blossoming in no time.

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." - Mark Twain

Do I need an LLC, DBA, or tax ID such as a seller's permit or employer IDs from the state and federal government for flower farm business?

**Rich ** asks a great question: Do I need an LLC, DBA, or tax ID such as a seller's permit or employer IDs from the state and federal government for my flower farm business?

The answer is: It depends.

**LLC vs. DBA** An LLC, or limited liability company, is a business structure that provides personal liability protection for its owners. This means that if your business is sued or goes bankrupt, your personal assets are protected. A DBA, or doing business as name, is a fictitious business name that you can use to operate your business. It does not provide any personal liability protection.

**Which one do you need?**

If you are the sole owner of your flower farm business and you are not operating under a fictitious business name, then you do not need an LLC or a DBA. However, if you have any partners or employees, or if you are operating under a fictitious business name, then you should strongly consider forming an LLC.

**Tax ID** A tax ID, also known as an employer identification number (EIN), is a nine-digit number that the IRS assigns to businesses. You will need an EIN if you have employees, if you file certain tax forms, or if you open a business bank account.

**Seller's permit** A seller's permit is a state-issued license that allows you to collect and remit sales tax on your sales. You will need a seller's permit if you sell your flowers directly to consumers.

**Employer ID** An employer ID is a state-issued number that you need to have if you have employees. You will use your employer ID to report your employees' wages to the state and federal government. **Which ones do you need?

** If you have employees or if you sell your flowers directly to consumers, then you will need a tax ID and a seller's permit. If you have employees, then you will also need an employer ID.

**Motivational quote** "The only way to do great work is to love what you do." - Steve Jobs

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