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QUESTION: Asked By: Brandy 2/10/2018 1:52 PM

I sell jewelry clothes shoes purses costume jewelry. I have a ein and I applied for occupancy permit no I already talked with the state on.

what I needed i just was making sure I wasnโ€™t going to get charged more than the 69.00 for sellers permit I am trying to open an online business selling jewelry that I purchase through wholesale. I will be operating the business in Lauderhill, Florida.

I will have no employees and I will operate as a sole proprietor. I will do business as Red Rose Jewelry. I have been reading and trying to figure out what business licenses and permits I need to start. please let me know...


Brandy,   in
Hi Brandy: Here is what you need for starting your
  business .


sellers permit to sell online and in a store? Jewelry Licensing Q: Obtain Seller's Permit Jewelry LLC Janika Retail Trade Jewelry

A: Jewelry Licensing As of August 2016, online spending continues to grow, Q2 nears $50B.

Mobile or m-commerce reached $4.5 billion or more. Consumers in the U.S. increased their online shopping by at least 15%. Jewelry Licensing As of August 2021, online spending continues to grow, Q2 nears $50B. Mobile or m-commerce reached $4.5 billion or more.

Consumers in the U.S. increased their online shopping by at least 15%. Jewelry Users of a trade name will need a fictitious business name filing.

For instance, if you call your jewelry business " The Jewel King," you will need to register it with an assumed business name registration ( DBA business name). Finally, you have the option of incorporating or forming an LLC.


So I need a business license, EIN, seller's permit, and a DBA.


Yes, you need all of the above.

Is there a particular order of doing this or can I obtain them all at once? I would really like to get this over with today, I've been researching for weeks! needed to find out the address where to go in cape Girardeau mo to get a tax id number.


No, order, you can order them all at once. You can obtain everything today.

Hi, I am starting up my jewelry business and would like to be a vendor at some of the events this summer do I need a permit? hi does a business license offer the same benefits as a sellers permit or do I need both?


Yes, you need a business permit and a seller's permit to be a jewelry vendor.

If we wanted to buy wholesale and turn around and sell it what kind of license would we need? We would be selling a little bit of everything from sunglasses, body jewelry, bows. We're just checking into things right now.


To buy wholesale and turn around and sell it retail, the kind of license you need is a seller's permit.

Sellers permit selling online and in a store? Could you send me the website to apply for everything online? Yes. I had a store years ago in another state. I would like to get another wholesale license to be able to go to trade shows. What do I need here? I had a jewelry store before. And gifts. Face Masks only for the forgetful traveler. I have one still I believe. A: What you need to do to sell online is to apply and get all licensing here. You need the seller's permit selling in the trade show. So, First, select a business type entity from these tax structures:
It does not matter which business entity you choose as far as a General Business License is concerned because all entities need a business license and that is because all businesses need, well, a business license. (Note that that is not a specific license to your type of business it is a BUSINESS license) as well.
Your business name "Solรจh" requires to be registered with an LLC, a corporation, or a DBA certificate.
Namely, from sole owner/proprietor, partnership, LLC or corporation.
Also, note that whatever Jewelry Store item that you sell, and it is an item that can be touched (i.e., tangible such as equipment, jewelry, merchandise, electronics, prepared food) requires a sales ID (Seller's permit) to either buy or sell the Jewelry Store items or products wholesale from companies that sell in bulk and or sell them retail directly to consumers. The seller's permit is also called a sales tax ID, a state ID (there are 2 state IDs and the other one is called a state employer ID, but you need the sales tax ID from the state).
I only need my Arizona seller permit. I have my EIN# already I want to sell fabric, jewelry, and clothes I have an LLC for my clothing line in Arizona already. Furthermore, I just need to know if a seller permit will be good for selling clothes, fabrics and jewelry let me call what is your number where do I go to find out all the licenses and permits I need in Oklahoma It will be a home office, and we will import silver jewelry. We will be selling online on our website across the United States, as well as using Etsy.


Ears, nose, tongue, nipple rings.

Answer:For piercing ear nose, etc., you need the seller's permit to buy the jewelry wholesale and sell it retail because an item such as a nose ring is taxable when sold.


Does an e-commerce drop shipping jewelry business require a seller to permit?

Answer: Yes, for jewelry drop-shipping, you do need a seller's permit.


I'm trying to take the quiz, but I keep giving the wrong city. Nothing right now seller's permit will not be enough? I will not be selling from home. I just want to see how successful this would be before I invest a lot of money. Just checking out my options, not sure if I want to go through a third party to do this... jewelry and clothing.

Answer: Yes, we are a third party, so you can purchase the licensing from us.


I sell jewelry on Etsy and would like to sell to small Boutiques and stores. I do it all out of my home and I don't have any employees. Furthermore, I only sell within the United States on Etsy and I sell locally. Kind of like the jewelry candles, but focusing on the stoners.

Answer: You need all licensing to sell on Etsy.


LMFAO I make handmade jewelry and sell it to my friends. Do I need a permit to sell? 1. Home 2. Bracelets 3. Beads 4. Nationwide 7.tarot readings 8.products products wholesale.

Answer: For all the items you sell, you need a seller's permit to buy them wholesale and sell them retail.


Hi, I want to sell jewelry on Etsy. Do I need a business license, I am trying to apply for a seller's permit for my jewelry line, what should I choose for the type of ownership do I need to purchase LLC? I want to start a jewelry resale business in New York City I have an LLC in Delaware and filed to do business in NY?

Answer: Yes, selling on Etsy or selling anywhere requires at least a business license and a seller's permit.

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Here are the key permits and licenses you need to start a business:

Choose a Business Structure

  • Decide if you will operate as a sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, corporation, etc.
  • Register Your Business

  • Register your official business name or form an LLC if applicable
  • Obtain federal and state tax IDs like an EIN, sales tax permit, etc.
  • Comply with Regulations

  • Obtain any required licenses and permits for your industry and location
  • Make sure your business location meets zoning, health codes and other rules
  • Open Business Bank Accounts

  • Set up separate business checking, savings, credit card accounts
  • Get Your Accounting in Order

  • Choose an accounting system to handle bookkeeping, taxes, invoices, etc.
  • Insure Your Business

  • Obtain a general liability policy at minimum. Other insurance as needed.
  • Develop Your Brand

  • Create a brand strategy, business name, logo, marketing materials
  • Registering formally, following regulations, separating finances, and branding effectively will help set

    up your business for success. Let me know if you need any specifics for your type of business!