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Seller's Permit
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TX Seller's Permit Texas



TX Resale Certificate

TX Wholesale License

TX Reseller State ID

TX Certificate of Authority

TX Sales Tax ID

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Where Do I Go Get A(n) TX Seller's Permit?

How Much is A(n) TX Sellers Permit?

Is a(n) TX Resale ID Same As a Sellers Permit?

Do I Need a(n) TX Sellers Permit If I Have a Federal ID?

Why Do I Need a(n) TX Sellers Permit?


TEXAS Sales & Use Tax Rate Changes Effective January 1, 2021

TEXAS Seller's permit


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The Texas state sales and use tax rate is 6.25%,... A seller's permit is the same as a reseller, resale, sales tax ID, wholesale license or state ID.

IMPORTANT: Web based, Online, Websites, Home or eBay Businesses INCLUDED!!)

TX Arlington new business.

1.  All businesses need a(n)   TX , Dallas Austin Business Permit.

2. All users of a trade name need a(n)  TX San Antonio   Texas Doing Business As (DBA) Certificate.  

3. Sellers or buyers of wholesale/retail need a(n)   Houston  (A.K.A seller's permit, state id, wholesale, resale, reseller certificate).

 4.   Employers need a(n) TX I.e., a Dallas Federal Tax Id Number and a(n) Austin  State Employer Tax Number  

 5.    Note: Instead of filing an Assumed Trade Firm business name ("DBA" Doing Business As) in San Antonio, set up a coporation in Corpus Christi  or set up a(n) Fort Worth LLC 

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How Do I Get My TX Seller's Permit

Simply submit an online form and get your Texas Seller's Permit

***** We will file it with the appropriate governement agency as required by law and will mail and email it to you.

Here is an example of a business that needs a seller's permit: Texas Door To Door Sales Solar Panels Lubbock, TX, 79401.
88772 Texas Door To Door Sales 79401. DeBenny sc GuBenny Solar Panels luckdas Zoun.
Starting my own Lubbock County Texas Door To Door Sales small new business. Additonally, I was wondering where to get a Lubbock seller's permit
Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. Arnold H. Glasow

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  • First, business entity formation: your preference for forming an LLC requires that you obtain an LLC certificate and an LLC operating agreement..

  • Second, in TX, in addition, since you indicated that you want to buy wholesale and sell retail, you need to obtain a Seller's permit because you will need it to buy tax free and collect taxes when you sell retail to the state of TX.

  • Third, furthermore, since you mentioned that you will hire employees, you will need to obtain both a state EIN and a Federal EIN because you will need to withhold and remit employment taxes to both the federal and state governments.

  • Fourth, a business structure such as sole proprietor, LLC, or corporation must be selected. Nevertheless, the assumed business name:"Bennys Benny Solar Panels cZoun79401" which must be registered with a(an) Lubbock County fictitous business name or a Lim. Liab. Co. or a Corporate entity is incorporated because that would register the fictitous business name and you will not have to file a DBA

  • Fifth, Services businesses in 79401, are required to get a Lubbock business license just because they are businesses.
Wholesale ID Seller's Permit State ID

Where Do I Go Get A(n) TX Seller's Permit?

How Much is A(n) TX Sellers Permit?

Is a(n) TX Resale ID Same As a Sellers Permit?

Do I Need a(n) TX Sellers Permit If I Have a Federal ID?

Why Do I Need a(n) TX Sellers Permit?

Selling/Leasing or if wanting to buy or sell merchandise, food, equipment wholesale requires a Texas Seller's Permit.

Here's How to Get Your Seller's Permit and Other permits and Registrations You May Need:

First decide on a business structure Texas as a Sole Proprietor, LLC/Corp, or Partnership.

Note that each structure requires a filing. E.g., selecting an LLC, requires at least an LLC certificate, an LLC operating agreement, a business license and a federal tax ID number.

All Businesses need a(n), TX Business tax registration also called an occupational business License

Selling/Leasing or if wanting to buy or sell Texas merchandise, food, equipment wholesale requires a Seller's Permit.

All TX Businesses Using a DBA doing business as name need a DBA Fictitious Business Name

Hiring TX Workers Requires a Federal EIN and a State Tax Number EIN

Are Services Taxable

Do I Need A Filing Before I Obtain a Sellers Permit

Do I Need a Sellers Permit For Selling Merchandise

Do I Need a Sellers Permit If I Have a Federal ID

Do Non Profits NonProfits Need a Sellers Permit

Do Professionals Need a Sellers Permit

How Do I Get a Sellers Permit

How Long Does It Take To Get My Sellers Permit

How Much is A Sellers Permit

Is a Resale Certificate Same as a Sellers Permit

Is a Resale ID Same As a Sellers Permit

Where I Can Go Obtain A Sellers Permit

Why Do I Need a Sellers Permit


  • Seller's Permit
  • Business License
  • EIN
  • DBA, LLC, or Corporation
  • State Employer ID
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Beef Jerky
Home business making beef jerky for sale at local farmers market. Jerky is produced in my home kitchen and vacuum sealed for sale to local consumers only.
Grow and sell microgreens in my local area. I deliver after I harvest. My home is my farm and is indoors and not open to the public. Sell online to my local community.

Oh, you want to start a microgreens business? Well, get ready for a paperwork extravaganza!

First off, you definitely need to establish an LLC because why wouldn't you want to add an extra layer of complexity and bureaucracy to your life? And let's not forget about the DBA, because having a fancy acronym attached to your business name is absolutely essential for success.

Now, let's move on to the licenses and permits. Oh boy, where do I even begin? You'll need licenses for selling microgreens, licenses for growing microgreens, licenses for breathing while growing get the idea. And of course, don't forget about the permit to actually exist as a microgreens business. Without that little piece of paper, you might as well pack up your greens and go home.

Last but not least, we can't forget about tax registrations. Because who doesn't love paying taxes? Make sure you register with every tax authority known to man. Sales tax, income tax, payroll tax, unicorn tax...okay, maybe not that last one, but you get the picture.

So there you have it, a delightful list of documents and registrations that will make your head spin. Starting a microgreens business has never been so fun! Just remember to keep a sense of humor handy as you wade through the bureaucratic mess. Good luck!

Yard Sale
sell used personal property clothes decorations paintings shoes appliances small furniture tools hardware
Gift Baskets

I will be starting only a homebase and selling on the streets and eventually online.No plans on selling nationwide.

Here are some key considerations for starting a gift basket business:

Business Structure

  • LLC is recommended for liability protection and pass-through taxes
  • Can file a DBA to use a business name different than the LLC

Licenses & Permits

  • Local business license
  • Seller's permit for collecting sales tax
  • Food handling permit if including food items

Seller's Permit vs Resale Certificate

  • Seller's permit allows charging sales tax to customers
  • Resale certificate allows buying supplies tax-free for resale


  • Product liability insurance
  • FDA/FTC regulations for cosmetics, food, supplements
  • Accurate custom order record-keeping


  • Supplier accounts for bulk ingredient purchases
  • Online store and POS system for orders
  • Delivery vehicles/staff if providing delivery service
Obtain required seller's permits. Follow regulations for included items. Liability insurance protects against product claims.


I sell on etsy. I have a store on etsy where i make 35 to 300 a month. I package and ship if someone purchases from me and i pay etsy fees.
Jewelry Store
Selling hand forged jewelry online globally on Shopify and through retailers in Texas and Nee Mexico

sellers permit to sell online and in a store? Jewelry Licensing Q: Obtain Seller's Permit Jewelry LLC Janika Retail Trade Jewelry
Question: If we wanted to buy wholesale and turn around and sell it what kind of license would we need? We would be selling a little bit of everything from sunglasses, body jewelry, bows. We're just checking into things right now.
TX Seller's Permit. Here's a Seller's Permit Example for the State of TX: Home Based Business Beef Jerky Mclennan County Waco Beef Jerky Waco, 76708 1 Waco, 9/1/2023 8:56 PM . Beef Jerky Home Based Business Beef Jerky
Home business making beef jerky for sale at local farmers market. Jerky is produced in my home kitchen and vacuum sealed for sale to local consumers only.
    1 Home Based Business Beef Jerky FitzKrystalburg H.O.T. Stuff Jerky, LLC.

76708   TX Mclennan County
Beef Jerky

I am trying to figure out what licensing is needed in wa state to distribute resell beef jerky I am buying beef jerky wholesale and reselling at various events?

To start a beef jerky business, you need to register the business first:

You can buy beef jerky wholesale distribute to various locations sell retail selling at trade shows, fairs, rodeos? If you are not allowed to sell food prepared in your home kitchen, and rent or lease a commercial kitchen in your home. Get a business license, Get a health permit, Get a seller's permit, Get a DBA, LLC or corporation, Get Insurance and market your beef jerky business.
Setting up your Beef Jerky business

First, check the Legal and Tax Business Structure

To set up and register your business it does not matter whether your business is an online, home, store, concession stand or a mobile cart, you will have to first select a business type entity from these tax structures:

Namely, from sole owner/proprietor, partnership, LLC or corporation.

It does not matter which Beef Jerky business entity you choose as far as a General Business License is concerned because all entities need a business license and that is because all businesses need, well, a business license. (Note that that is not a specific license to your type of business it is a BUSINESS license) as well.

Using a Beef Jerky company trade name subjects you to having to file a DBA . For instance, your name is Donald Tramp, and you do business as Best Items By Tramp, the Tramp name must be registered with a DBA Doing Business As certificate because it is not your full legal name (namely, Donald Tramp.

Also, note that whatever item that you sell or lease and it is an Beef Jerky item that can be touched (i.e., tangible such as equipment, jewelry, merchandise, electronics, prepared food) requires a sales ID ( Seller's Permit ) to either buy or sell the items or products wholesale from companies that sell in bulk and or sell them retail directly to consumers. The seller's permit is also called a sales tax ID, a state ID (there are 2 state IDs and the other one is called an state employer ID but you most likely need the sales tax ID from the state ).

Getting people to work for your Beef Jerky business anytime within 30 days of starting your business subjects you having to get a Federal EIN and a State EIN (employer identification number).

On the other hand, you will also need a federal tax ID if you are a partnership, an independent contractor, and a corporation or an LLC .

It is always a good idea obtain a federal tax ID as a sole proprietor and use it as a business tax ID in the place of a social security number.

However, you will still need other Beef Jerky filings business tax registrations, such as permits, a fictitious business name DBA, and tax IDs as described above. For example, if you want to be an LLC, you must obtain an LLC certificate and an LLC operating agreement as well as an EIN.

You need the EIN to...

The Tale Begins: A Beef Jerky Odyssey

It was a sunny day in the city of Enterprise when Hercules, the mighty son of Zeus, had a peculiar craving – not for another heroic quest – but for beef jerky. “By Zeus! I shall start a beef jerky business,” he declared. However, Hercules had no knowledge about business registration. Fortunately, as he was pondering these earthly concerns, he bumped into Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Hercules' Burning Questions

"Athena! Is it true that for my venture, I need to choose between a sole owner/proprietor, partnership, LLC, or corporation?” Hercules inquired. Athena’s Wise Words on Ownership Structure “Indeed, Hercules. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks,” Athena began. “LLCs provide liability protection for personal assets and have flexible tax options.” “If you opt for a sole proprietorship, it's the simplest form, but you’ll be personally responsible for any business debts or liabilities.” “Partnerships are for businesses with multiple owners, and corporations are more complex entities that can help larger businesses potentially save on taxes.” What About DBA and LLC?

"What if I name my business ‘Herculean Jerky’? Do I need a DBA if I file an LLC?” asked Hercules. Athena’s Guidance on DBA and LLC

Athena responded, “If you file an LLC and it has the same name as your business, you don’t need a DBA. But if you're a sole proprietor or in a partnership and don't file as an LLC or corporation, a DBA will be necessary if your business name differs from your legal name.” Benefits of Treating an LLC as an "S" Corp

"I've heard about the Qualified business income (QBI) 20% federal tax deduction. Should I consider it?" Hercules questioned. Athena Enlightens on QBI

“Good thought, Hercules. If you file an LLC but elect to be treated as an "S" Corp, you might benefit from the QBI deduction. But remember, it’s always wise to consult with a tax professional for personalized advice.” Other Business Licenses Hercules Might Need

"What about other licenses? I want to ensure my jerky is legally sold in the marketplaces of Athens!" Hercules exclaimed. Athena’s Checklist for Business Licensing “First, you’ll need a General Business License,” Athena began. This isn’t specific to beef jerky but applies to all businesses. “If you’re selling tangible items, like your jerky, you’ll need a state sales tax ID or Seller's Permit.” “And, if you're hiring demigods or mortals, you’ll require both a Federal EIN and a State EIN.” On the Sales Tax ID and Resale Certificate

"Is the sales tax ID the same as the Resale Certificate?" Hercules asked. Athena Clarifies the Sales Tax ID Confusion

“They are related but not quite the same, Hercules. A Seller's Permit (or state sales tax ID) allows you to collect tax from customers. A Resale Certificate, on the other hand, lets you buy goods wholesale without paying tax, because you’ll collect the tax when you sel...

Thor, a popular movie hero, and his mentor, about licensing a new beef jerky business. The dialog includes sarcasm, wit, and humor, and uses HTML headings and lists to make it easy to read.

Thor: I'm so excited to start my own beef jerky business! But I'm not sure what kind of ownership structure I should choose. Do I need an LLC? A corporation? What about a DBA?

Mentor: Well, there are pros and cons to each structure. An LLC can protect your personal assets from business liabilities, but it can also be more complicated to set up and maintain. A corporation can offer even more liability protection, but it's also more complex and expensive. A DBA is simply an assumed business name, and it doesn't offer any liability protection.

Thor: So what do you recommend?

Mentor: It depends on your specific circumstances. If you're just starting out and you don't have a lot of assets to protect, a DBA might be a good option. But if you're planning to grow your business and hire employees, an LLC or corporation might be a better choice.

Thor: I think I'm going to go with an LLC. It seems like the best way to protect myself and my business.

Mentor: That's a wise decision. Now, let's talk about licenses. In most states, you'll need a general business license to operate a beef jerky business. You may also need to obtain a food processing license, depending on the specific requirements in your area.

Thor: Okay, I'll look into that.

Mentor: You'll also need to get a sales tax ID number and a seller's permit. The sales tax ID number is used to collect sales tax on your sales, and the seller's permit is required to sell tangible goods in your state.

Thor: Got it. Anything else?

Mentor: That's all I can think of for now. Just be sure to do your research and follow all the necessary regulations.

Thor: Thanks for your help, mentor. I couldn't have done it without you.

Mentor: You're welcome, Thor. I'm always happy to help a young entrepreneur.

** Here is a summary of the licensing requirements for a beef jerky business: General business license

Food processing license (if required)

Seller's permit

** Here are some additional tips for licensing a new business: Do your research and follow all the necessary regulations.

Get help from a business attorney or accountant if you need it.

Be prepared to pay some fees for licenses and permits.

Be patient - it can take some time to get all the necessary licenses and permits.